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Team Training


It isn't talent alone that will get your team over the hump.  Our team training options help your players maximize their talents, and function more as a team through a more connected and shared experience. Through our team programs your athletes will be faster, more agile, better conditioned, and have a higher game IQ.

When you have a connected team, coaching takes care of itself.


Our live S.P.A.R.Q sessions create a competitive and connected environment for your team during their offseason. These sessions are challenging, and by the end of them you'll have a team that is further bonded through shared adversity, that will move much better then the time you coached them.


This data driven program focuses on acceleration, change of direction, plyometric and horizontal power, velocity, and reactive quickness.



The world is different today than it was yesterday, and Athletes are not exempt from this. The effects of COVID-19 have changed the landscape of sport, and athletes need to adapt with these changes.

TeamBuilt is our native app based strength program that is customized to your team by position, level, and access to strength equipment. Whether your athletes are members at a gym, or using bodyweight and bands in their basement we patch them in with our certified trainers, and get them stronger.

Image by Sam Sabourin
  • Teams train together with with custom online workouts (Age 11+)

Positional Workshop
  • Live virtual positional workshops for REC'S, DB's and coaches.


Football is a highly nuanced sport, and nowhere is that more evident than at the skill positions of receiver and defensive back. A second early or late, or a slight mis-step can cost your team dearly at these positions.

Positional workshops are available both live and virtually, and take your team's DB and REC positions through a top to bottom pacing of the position from technique to tactics, and even competitive analysis. Our experts run theses sessions with the intention of building the foundation for positional greatness and give coaches a standard to run with all season.



Testing and combines are a key evaluation tool in many sports, and performance in them can either solidify or ruin opportunities in the sport going forward. For your team, just seeing the true data of your team's make-up before a season starts can give valuable insight into the steps and tactics that should be implemented, or how that athlete may best serve the team going forward. 

We use fully electronic testing on the most accurate timing system on the market currently, so there is never any guesswork.


Sending our players from our program to speed train with Kamau Peterson during the summer of 2020 was the best decision.  Our players involved in the program arrived at our fall season, having achieved their personal best times ever.  Kamau’s knowledge, attention to detail, and ability to communicate with our athletes were exceptional.  Our players can’t wait to work with Kamau again this summer!

Marcello Lio, St. Andrews College - Head Coach

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