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Teams train together with with custom online workouts (Age 11+)

About This Program

Team BUILT is your online strength and conditioning recipe for teams in need of quality, structured programming designed specifically to build out deficiencies, and strengthen your athletes for the coming season. Whether your athletes have access to a high performance weight room, or they are working out at home, this program can not only accommodate them, but will make them better, more connected and competitive. After a 30 min consultation and needs assessment, coaches can grant their athletes access a 3 month program through our native phone app (IOS and Android compatible), and are able to communicate with our trainers in real time, as well as upload and view exercise video. Team BUILT is great for athletes that are training novices, as well as those experienced in high performance training. Through the app we provide video support for each program component where needed, and our trainers are a text away through the app. Your athletes will be able to send video of their work for critique and they can see where they rank on the app's leaderboard, keeping things competitive and fun.

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