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You Don't Know, What You Don't Know

Experience is by far the best teacher life has. When your experience doesn't time up with the opportunity, it is best to find a teacher who has been who has been where you're going. 

We speak only from experiential knowledge, and applicable mastery in our consultation programs. We are here to shorten your learning curve through our experiences in sport and life.

  • A private consultation to evaluate and make educated recommendations f...

Consult Anchor

I've had the pleasure of learning the game of football as well as speed mechanics under KP for the last 5 years. One thing I can say is that my growth as a student of the game as well as my physical attributes are night and day compared to any other form of training I've received. Explaining the why and how for any specific movement or drill is something he does exceptionally well. His experience also speaks for itself, and shows up daily in his lessons.

Alex Daley, York U - Receiver

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