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 Kamau Peterson was foundational to my athletic development as I transitioned from high school football to competing at the USports level. KP opened my perspective up to focusing on weaknesses in my overall athleticism and building up the core of what I was capable of to build a more well-rounded athlete. Whether it was on-field, in the gym, or in the film room, there are few coaches in Canada that I think are as well-rounded as KP. To be quite honest, I would not have had the athletic success that I did without his guidance. 


On top of what he did for me as an athlete, training with KP made me a better person, which will serve me for much longer than any element of athletics will. He challenged my assumptions about the world and taught me a lot about what it takes to care for the people around you, whether they are athletes, friends, colleagues, or rivals. 

Ed Ilnicki, Hec Creighton Winner

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