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Full prep course for CFL and NFL combines, and pro days

About This Program

So your hard work has paid off, and you're now staring down the biggest opportunity of your athletic career. An athlete is only as good as his preparation, and no athlete want's to be unsure of their readiness when opportunity strikes. If you're interested in this program the next step is to set up a call with us to book your free trial, and discuss the particulars of what you may need from the program. To do this, click on ATHLETE JOIN below. For over 2 decades we have taken our athletes from prospects, to professionals with our intensive and strategic programming. Our data-driven prep course includes 3x/week live speed sessions, a force-velocity profile and analysis of each athlete, personalized nutrition plan, fully electronic speed and jump testing, customized targeted strength program, positional skill development, video analysis, and rookie readiness coaching. Combining track and the turf, we recognize the need to not only beat the clock, but to beat the man in front of you at your combine and will get you ready. PROGRAM COMPONENTS: SPEED - We develop our clients acceleration, agility & change of direction, as well as velocity. Data driven results through electronic timing equipment takes the guess work out of your speed development. See yourself getting faster week in and out. STRENGTH - Athletes have access to our native strength app, and customized programming to perform in testable events, as well as add power for their game. Our app is free on IOS and Android platforms, and offers full film support on our exercises and workouts. NUTRITION - Each client receives a monthly diet plan complete with grocery list, and recipes for each meal. Dietary restrictions and weight targets are set through consultation before plans are created. FILMROOM - Clients have full access to weekly virtual positional film room and speed session biomechanics. Each session is run by director Kamau Peterson, and designed to teach our clients how to approach the game critically and analytically. ROOKIE MENTORSHIP - We'll help you prep for your team interviews, and teach you how to navigate as a professional in your first year. Agent negotiations, and contract understanding will put your mind at ease.

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