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Dan Loggale

York University - DB


At the beginning of the pandemic I had few options on how I was going to be able to train for football moving forward. With no where to go Coach Kamau Peterson provided me an opportunity to continue to sharpen my skills and grow as a football player. However, in my time with coach KP I was not only able to get lessons in football but Lessons in life. I appreciate being able to work with him and get the opportunity to sharpen my body and my mind. The one thing I began to learn with KP was there was no question I couldn’t ask. His perspective allowed me to grow as an individual on and off the field. I credit KP with the challenges he brings everyday and how there is always a way to overcome those challenges. I am also thankful with the group of people Am surrounded with and the level of competition that we have everyday. The amazing thing about training with coach KP is the investment in us as men and football players. Nobody else I know brings in the tools to be able to track our progress and give us real data on how we are getting better and break down our strength and weaknesses. Even though I haven’t played in over a year I know working with him has gave me confidence and readiness to dominate on the field once I get back. If you are an athlete looking to challenge yourself in every type of way and find out true potential in this game then this is where you should look.

Dan Loggale


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