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Gaetano Minto

York University - DB


Up until two years ago I was training with different athletic coaches every year under several different programs. Each year I would experience injuries as a result from imbalances that developed from my training program. Three years ago is where my athletic career changed, I began training under Kamau’s tutelage not only to craft my skills but to become a complete athlete. Coach Kamau knowledge suppressed any other training program I've done. It was clear that Coach Kamau understands each athletes’ strengths and weaknesses, he differentiates our programs to be personalized to help just develop in the areas we need. His approach to training athletes has far surpassed anything I have experienced through the ways he delivers information. Every movement we do always has a tailored specification and explanation, so you never have to guess or interrupt its purpose.

Since training With Coach Kamau my speed, strength and mental focus have all evolved far past my previous state. My workout program, speed and skill sessions are built in a way that continually challenges me to chase greatness. Training with Coach Kamau is not for everyone, if you have a dream to achieve greatness in your athletic field, he is the man to seek out.

Gaetano Minto


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