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Intensive group speed training sessions for ground sport athletes.

About This Program

Spring Session is open to all athletes age 12+ looking to add speed to their game! All sports and positions welcome. Sport speed covers all levels of speed required in ground sports, (burst, acceleration, velocity, agility, top end speed) via 1-3 group sessions per week. Great for all ground based sport athletes (soccer, football, track & field, tennis, rugby, baseball, lacrosse) Other program components: STRENGTH/POWER - Clients in this program have access to full strength and power programming via our native app. Each program is customized per sport, position, and personal deficiency and delivered to the clients phone daily. NUTRITION - Each of our clients receives a monthly diet plan for as long as they're with us included in their package. Each plan comes complete with grocery list, and recipes for each meal. Dietary restrictions and weight targets are set through consultation before plans are created. FILMROOM - Understanding your own running form, and how it should look is essential in top level players. Clients with us 2 days or more will have their sprint form analyzed and corrected via video each month. RECRUITING - Clients benefit from our experience having gone through each level of recruiting. Whether highlight tape edits, game film revision, skill film compilation, or a virtual combine. We use our extensive coaching network of NCAA, Usport, Prep school, CFL and NFL coaches to connect players to potential fits for them academically and athletically. PRICING PLANS: Clients have the option to pay monthly, or to pay for the full 4 month program cost at once with a discount. Athletes have 2 day or 3 day per week options to accommodate schedules. Each program includes full strength programming, monthly nutrition plan, full positional IQ film room access, and recruiting layout.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, please allow a minimum of 24hrs notice.

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