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Comprehensive offseason training for the advanced receiver or DB

About This Program

Masterclass is the one stop shop for the pro, and pro prospect skill player's offseason. Once you're ready to get going, click the ATHLETE JOIN button below and we'll get in touch for your consultation and free trial. PROGRAM COMPONENTS: SKILL - Receivers and DB's learn intermediate and advanced positional tactics and compete with similar levelled players to grow within the position, and transfer new skills. These positions are about details, and we teach them here. SPEED - We develop our clients acceleration, agility & change of direction, as well as velocity. Data driven results through electronic timing equipment takes the guess work out of your speed development. See yourself getting faster week in and out. STRENGTH - Athletes have access to our native strength app, and customized programming to their level and goals. We build client programs based on what strength apparatus they have accessible, as well as the level, and goals they're seeking. Our app is free on IOS and Android platforms, and offers full film support on our exercises and workouts. NUTRITION - Each of our clients receives a monthly diet plan for as long as they're with us included in their package. Each plan comes complete with grocery list, and recipes for each meal. Dietary restrictions and weight targets are set through consultation before plans are created. FILMROOM - Football IQ at a player's position is a vital and under developed piece of the makeup of top level players. Clients have full access to weekly virtual positional film room and speed session biomechanics. Each session is run by director Kamau Peterson, and designed to teach our clients how to approach the game critically and analytically. SCOUTING - Clients benefit from our experience having gone through each level of scouting, and the relationships forged along the way. Our links to CFL, NFL and other professional league coaches and player personnel staff to connect players to potential fits. PRICING PLANS: Clients have the option to pay monthly, or to pay for the full program at once with a discount. Athletes have 2 day, 3 day, and 4 day per week options to accommodate schedules. Each program includes full strength programming, monthly nutrition plan, full positional IQ film room access, and SCOUTING layout.

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